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Good bye USA

Sorry everyone who has been reading up on my blog I have not written a post for a long time but, you know I have come back from the US and it has been a whole year now, My experience in USA was an experience worth having and I remember it even today. This has been an AMAZING journey which I shared with you guys I just have one tip for you don't let cultural shock spoil YOUR trip like it did mine dont be conservative enjoy your stay and act normal don't be a spoilsport and enjoy if you are visiting the US or any country for that matter there will be some moments when you will feel out of place and awkward but let it pass and enjoy the rest of your stay, because first time is the best, dont let anybody OR anything spoil your experience live your stay to the fullest search out local festivals, go to them, eat local food and try everything because you do not get to experience THAT feeling twice. Peace OUT

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Pumpkin Picking


Today, our friends Danesh and Robin took us to pumpkin picking, to a pumpkin picking farm called rolorf in Hilsboro,Oregon, and bychance the owner of the farm was kind of a celebrity, he and his wife were small people and they featured in the cable show Small people, Big world and today was his 50th birthday. So we got free cupcake and the place was also very crowded. We also saw lots of pumkins and took 3 of them. and carved them. There were 3 exotic animals and there were their farm animals and the cutest was the rabit(below). I had lots of fun over there. There are also some photos of the two pumkins we carved

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overcast 11 °C

It was a friday night and we were tired and wanted to sleep but then our friend Hena asked us if we wanted to go to navratri cekebration where we would dance, play games, and eat indian food this was the thing I was missing the most since I came to USA. While the exchange teacher and his family there were enjoying if any of this doesnt seems true go to their blog-www.naturallyfundays.wordpress.com., here we were sulky and tired of it raining every day 18 hrs. Anyway, we went with them to the community center and after seeing all that energy and tasty treats, and the energetic dancing I got lots and lots of energy in me and I was excited, super excited to dance and eat and dance again, first up was garba in which i decided to stay back and click some of the photos. Everybody was wearing Traditional India Clothes and ladies were decorated with ornaments and jwelleries and everybody looked so good, all the men were wearing kurtla pyjamas and ladies saries, lehangas, and kurties(all sorts of traditional indian dresses).

The next was The prayer which was very long and the worst part was we didnt even get to sing/chant it. Then at last it was Dandia( A dance with the sticks) We enjoyed a lot in it and it was very energetic I did dandia for more than 2 hours without stopping and I was so exhausting I thought I was going to faint at the last. So then I sat and drank water and lots of it, ate some pottasium(bananas) and then I went on to play one more game and this was, which I only have a video and will upload it later. After all of this energetic dancing I finally went to sleep and slept for 12 hours. That was an awesome day not at all our typical day.

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Trip to the Oregon zoo

Making friends with wild

sunny 22 °C

We went to the oregon zoo on the 19th of August and we went there by the local train that runs in this place and the zoo is pretty big and has lots of animals in it from different continents, they were from Africa,Asia,North America,South America,Australia. They had bats,monkeys,lions,tigers,seals,penguins,rats,moles,dinosaur....and yes about the dinsoaur part they looked like real dinosaur but were not real and were awsome. There were bugs, tiger, lions, goats and lots of other animals.

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Back to school

What a joke!!!

all seasons in one day 16 °C

I knew the school system here was different, but here everybody was like shouting and screaming in the class in front of the teacher disrespecting (kinda) as far as India is concerned we did not did all this, if somebody was late not permission, no greeting no respect it all seem kind of strange to me and it grew more wierd when we were passed our learning target in health class and we were going to learn about drugs,alcohol,sex,tobaco and all of the other "unusual" stuff. We respect our teachers do not learn about all the stuff in class 8th, oh and before I forget my classmates do not like to volunteer in reading, presenting any of the stuff, speaking, sharing their views and they do not like to be pointed out. This was bit of unusual 'cause in India we love to do all this stuff

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